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Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

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Date: 2019-01-02

Five thousand years of Chinese culture, the long history, the history of Western travel, is to first discover the world, then consume the world, and then evolve the aesthetic world, but the Chinese are just the opposite, China has not experienced the expedition era of {geographic discovery}, The material world lacks scientific and rational cognitive enlightenment, but we have long jumped from the {original instinctive move} to the spiritual realm of {sentimental landscapes and cultivated sentiments}.

Therefore, the Chinese poet is the earliest traveler.


▲ Fanjing Mountain, Guizhou, China, was selected as a World Natural Heritage in July 2018. © Photo by Ren Ran

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ From Li Bai Du Fu Su Shi Xu Xiake, to Kong Mengyou said that the travel interest of the ancient Chinese in Sihai, Xuanzang Xiyou, Zheng He and Xixia is always related to the aesthetics of literature, ideal ambition, and the world of home. The poet's lifelong travel footprint, the geographical span, covering most of China, is simply amazing: in the ancient times of "slow horses," China had a "big traveler" with both eyes and feelings.

During the Republic of China, the history of modern Chinese tourism was opened.

In the chaos of the country, Chinese intellectuals took the first step, from visiting the mountains and rivers of the motherland to flying across the sea to France, Britain, and Japan.... Traveling became a way to revolutionize and learn modern science.

During this period, tourism in the modern sense was born, and a large number of real travellers emerged, and the weather was booming. China's first tour guide, China's first hiking global traveler, China's first travel agency, China's first travel train opened... The big travel story of the big era

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

© Photo by Movie "The Gentleman" Stills

New China was established and the real "citizen tourism" was born.

At the beginning of the founding of the country in 1949, it was an absolute luxury for the public. It was not until the reform and opening up that China really had the concept of "citizen tourism." Since then, it has started a wave of blowouts for 40 years, and upgrades again and again!

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

© Photo by National Geographic

until today:

The total number of tourists in China, the world's first

The total number of Chinese outbound tourists, the world's first

China's overseas tourism consumption, the world's first

Travel has become a prime indicator of the happiness of Chinese life.

The standard of happiness: not only the ability to consume, but also whether you have the autonomy to choose "another kind of life."

In the 69 years of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese used 69 years.

It has spanned 200 years of development in Western countries.

A brief history of Chinese travel,

The photos of a trip show the masterpieces of the times.

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel  Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ 1982, Shanghai Bund

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ Mutianyu Great Wall in 1985

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ Going to Hong Kong in 1984? It is necessary to have relatives in Hong Kong! Many foreign cosmetic jewellery and jewelry brands are popular from here.

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ "Zhengda Variety" launched in 1990 brought the "outside world" to the eyes of the Chinese people, and also won Jiang Kun, Zhao Zhongxiang, Yang Lan and Wang Xuechun.

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲ 1996 "Traveller" magazine was founded; in 2000, "Geography Knowledge" magazine was renamed "China National Geographic".

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲In 1988, Thailand became China's first citizen outbound country. In 1990, Singapore and Malaysia followed. Therefore, the new Matai packaging, made our earliest overseas tour! In 2017, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand exceeded 9.8 million.

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲In 1999, the total length of China's expressways exceeded 100,000 kilometers, ranking the top 3 in the world (2013 ranked first in the world). In the same year, cars entered the Chinese family on a large scale. Self-driving tour has arisen! National Highway 318 has become a landscape avenue for the Chinese. The "Death Road" Sichuan-Tibet line has become the top challenge in the minds of self-driving people. ©Photo by Cris Li

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲In 2000, the word "friends" appeared in the Chinese travel dictionary. More and more people were in outdoor forums, carrying travel bags and carrying hammocks. Walking, climbing, rock climbing, and living in a youth hostel... "Friends" was a cool title in the past! But at the same time, the accident is also accompanied. From 2001 to 2007, 72 outdoor accidents and 81 people were killed. People are stunned: adventure without risk! China's outdoor travel began to go to the professional and rational way. © Photo by Austin Ban

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

▲High-speed rail era, redefining domestic travel

Once, the world is envious of Japan’s Shinkansen! Today, the world's first high-speed railroad in China has not only completely changed the "China speed", but also greatly shortened the "China distance" and redefines our China travel map. "Cross-provincial long-distance travel" seconds change "weekend tour" from Beijing, five or six hours to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Luoyang ... which was unimaginable 10 years ago.

China's jewelry-like boxes are accumulating in the streamlines of time. Don't be messy, neat and orderly, with a large capacity and flowers. Chinese tourists from the "viewing the world" to the "world view", from the cognitive world to the self-seeing, the number of tourists has been the first in the world, and still very young. Fortunately, the journey is long, and the Chinese people’s big travel era has just begun. Feel the beauty of each time that appears before us.

Travel, 69 years, a brief history of Chinese travel

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