Shenzhen Uplift Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen,specialize in traveling makeup bag and hammock double size.
Shenzhen Uplift Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen,specialize in cosmetic handbag and portable hammock.

Easy and convenient to operate, suitable for a travel essential equipment

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Date: 2018-10-16

Senior friends should know that hammocks can be used for a variety of things, as sheets in the field, as a quilt, or as a baby carrier and breastfeeding towel.

Many people will feel that going out should be lightly loaded, and a hammock is extravagant. This ultimate problem has already been solved.

For ultra-light hammocks, the domestic brand Wopulit has produced ultra-light hammocks that are popular among friends at home and abroad!

Made from ultra-durable and lightweight parachute cloth, it weighs only 1.33 ibs and is as large as 102 x 55 inches.

Parachute cloth hammocks are lighter and easier to store than canvas hammocks. They are strong and easy to clean. Parachute cloth hammocks will become the mainstream in the market, and foreign consumers are more inclined to parachute cloth hammocks. The canvas hammock is relatively heavy and looks strong. In fact, it is not more convenient than the umbrella hammock, and it is dirty and difficult to clean. The weight bearing is a little worse than the parachute cloth hammock. I have used it before I know it.

Super large load-bearing 600ibs, 300 pounds of big fat people are no problem. The landing cloth also has the function of moisture-proof, antibacterial and tear-proof. The most important thing about outdoor products is that they are of good quality and durable, so this hammock is definitely in line with the preferences of friends. Such a light hammock, when you go out to the backpack, how can you get it less?

Hang up anytime, anywhere, wherever you want to hang, the outdoor is also very stylish!

Lying on the top, you can also feel the breeze blowing under the body, comfortable, leisurely, comfortable ~

In the park or in the wild forest, the tree of the hammock must be thicker, and the trunk is not deformed after the weight of the human body. This is mainly from the perspective of the love of the trees.

If allowed, I also want to come to the air hammock to challenge the little heart, so cool~

The material is made of nylon silk fabric. The fabric is made of nylon filament. The surface is fine and smooth, the texture is tough, the elasticity and strength are good. It is made of clothing and high-grade decorative packaging materials. The hammock is lighter and easier to store than the canvas hammock. It has strong bearing capacity and is easy to clean. The weight of the canvas hammock is relatively large and looks strong. In fact, the load-bearing aspect is not as good as the parachute cloth hammock, and it is inconvenient to carry, dirty and difficult to clean. It is easier to wear. Parachute cloth hammocks will gradually become the mainstream of the market, and consumers are more inclined to parachute cloth hammocks. Lightweight, strong, tear resistant and easy to store.

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